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Name Changed

2013-09-16 08:45:10 by Ruby-S

I recently realized that anyone who knew my real name could easily find this account. So I traded in 8 years for some anonymity. (KevinHR was never a lame username)

: thanks wade!


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2013-09-16 10:16:10

Congrats for the namechange ^^


2013-09-16 10:37:17

You can't hide from the Government, Kevin.


2013-09-16 11:44:17



2013-09-17 21:53:04

"I like it"
Replies Misaka lieing to make ruby feel good


2013-09-18 23:36:20

I like it


2013-09-19 09:57:09

being super weeb with kanef?

Ruby-S responds:



2013-09-20 01:36:26

He doesnt respond to us low lifes

(Updated ) Ruby-S responds:

Happy now, sweetheart?


2013-09-20 14:07:46

u make me crai


2013-10-04 04:10:55

Aha, was wondering what daethtrain was speaking about. :P Btw, you do realize that if someone really wants to find you online they could find this post too?

How's the Japanese going btw? I kinda stopped practicing completely. :/

Ruby-S responds:

Maybe.. I wrote my old name in full-space in this news post to hopefully alleviate that. As long is this doesn't pop up on the first page of google! I may delete this news post in the future, though.

Japanese is going fine. I don't really practice nowadays apart from just reading and listening to stuff, and looking up words and grammar that I don't recognize. In that respect, it's going great! I always try to read some Japanese shit daily, and also watch unsubbed anime and try to understand what they're saying. (I'm pretty bad at listening to Japanese, but I'm getting better!)

I hope you can soon resume your learning! Once you get to the point where reading become's fun, it goes automatic!


2013-10-04 12:34:58

Ah, OK. But wait... then all these comments will be deleted too! O_o

Good to hear! Yeah, I should do a ton of things right now but instead I'm spending most of my free time reviewing and writing stuff. :) I'd like to think that once I get some projects sorted out there'll be more time left for all the things I'd like to do but don't really prioritize... ah, but we'll see. If a trip to Japan becomes relevant it'll be priority ¤1 again.